Drum Off Competition Guidelines (PDF Download)

Drum Off Competition Guidelines



  • Performances will be judged on technique, style, originality, stage presence and overall performance
  • Adjudicated by PAS Drumset Guest Artist



  • Five minutes to set up
  • Five minutes to perform



  • Each contestant will perform on a five-piece drum kit complete with hardware, cymbals, cowbell and a blast block
  • The ONLY personal pieces of gear you may use are:
    • Drumsticks
    • Bass pedal
    • Drum throne
    • Snare drum
  • Leave your toms and cymbals at home.
  • Participant allowed to re-configure kit but you cannot add any equipment to the set-up. Do not attempt to bring anything other than what is listed above.
  • In your five minute set-up time, you will be allowed to remove or reconfigure any of the above. However, you will not be allowed to add anything to the competition kit set-up other than the personal pieces of gear listed.